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Sales under new management

Insulbar Head of Sales Manager Matthias Rink

Since 1 April, Matthias Rink has been head of insulbar Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In Rink, Ensinger has gained a very experienced and approachable manager who is capable of putting his ideas into action...


All fixed up: improved load securing

insulbar insulating profiles loaded in stillages have additional protection against damage by way of a securing tarpaulin.
So that nothing slips about during handling and transport and the load is better protected against mechanical damage, Ensinger is introducing a further restraining system for its stillages. This system consists of a robust tarpaulin and strap sewn onto...


Profile processing to customer order

Punched insulbar insulating profile
At your request we will supply you with fully processed insulating profiles, prepared ready for installation and with individually definable characteristics – both for insulating bars developed specifically for the customer and profiles from our standard...


Further building project at the Cham site

North-east elevation of the planned extension to production and logistics facilities at the Cham site
Ensinger is about to make a further investment at the Cham site. The plastics processor is planning to extend a production and logistics building that was put into operation ten years ago. These new building plans are the second construction project in...


insulbar® bolt operating profiles: well wound

Coil types for insulbar bolt operating profiles

Considerably less waste and well wound: our insulbar® bolt operating profiles are sent to you with a new packaging and coil design.

In future, we will also be delivering push rods on coils without additional single-use spools made of cardboard...


New website, new e-mail

Woman surfing the new Ensinger website
With its high-performance plastics, Ensinger is now represented globally at 33 sites and in numerous industries. As a result of this growth, our old corporate website was out of date. To ensure that Ensinger’s digital presentation is contemporary and...


Nine new insulating bars in the standard range

Standard insulbar range flip book
Even more options for your system design: we have enhanced the first edition of the insulbar® standard range for 2018 with nine new insulating bars. This includes an additional system group with 28 mm insulation depth. This comprises a hollow chamber...


insulbar® wins the USGlass Readers’ Choice Award

Publications by USGlass magazine

Readers of USGlass magazine voted and decided in favour of insulbar®: our insulating bar was voted the best component of 2017 and presented the USGlass Readers’ Choice Award.

USGlass Magazine is the official publication of the Glass Association of North America (GANA) and...


Gold for green: insulbar® RE

Since 2nd August 2017 it’s been all about reserves! This day is known as "Earth Overshoot Day" – the day when humanity lives off Earth’s reserves for the rest of the year, because the natural resources we have consumed exceed Earth’s capacity to...


Ensinger foundation: helping people help themselves in Nigeria

The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has been supporting a school project in the village of Nimo in Nigeria for the past 20 years. With its help, a primary school was initially built that is now attended by 525 children. In addition to buying...


Welcome back, Uwe!

Uwe Lerner has been a member of the insulbar® application engineering team since July. In his role as Project Manager he is a competent and reliable contact person for our customers. He offers them support and advice in all aspects of the technical design...


Standard range comes to life

The days of boring PDFs are past. You can experience our catalogue in a whole new way with new summer edition of the insulbar® standard range. The new format enables you to gain a more clearly arranged, lifelike depiction, simplifying the on-screen...


Energy efficient & stormproof

Precisely ten years ago, on July 24, 2007, the first insulbar® insulating bar was extruded on North American soil, in Grenloch (New Jersey). Although around 50% of metal windows in the USA are still without thermal separation, awareness of the benefits of...


insulbar® celebrates its 40th birthday

On October 17, 1973 the price of crude oil rose from three to five US dollars per barrel. A rise of 70 %. Practically over night. During the year that followed, oil prices continued to rise to over twelve dollars. This price shock made people realise...


And the winner is...

In the spring we asked you to help us find a name for our previously nameless insulbar® LO mascot. We received lots of funny and original suggestions, so it was not easy for us to choose. However, our cute, blue Lambda man finally has a name: Lambdy!


"The frame is what makes the difference"

"With regards to energy efficiency, builders are increasingly paying attention to glazing. Yet it’s usually the frame that makes the difference," says Ahmet Biler, R&D expert at Metal Yapi, one of the leading façade specialists in the world...


Cradle to Cradle Material Health: insulbar® certified

People spend the majority – 90% – of their time inside buildings. It is therefore important to Ensinger to use insulbar® materials for its building products, which are demonstrably harmless to humans and the environment. Representative of two products...


Immerse yourself: Ensinger at Bau 2017

From 16 to 21 January it was that time again: The leading global trade fair for architecture, materials and systems opened its doors. As always, this time BAU once again celebrated new record visitor numbers. Naturally Ensinger had to be there among the...


Ensinger has shrunk the lambda value

Large areas of glass, slim frames, high energy efficiency: BAU 2017 saw Ensinger exhibit insulbar® and in so doing present the solution for delicate, visually appealing systems which simultaneously retain outstanding insulating properties. The lambda...


insulbar® YouTube: new clip avalable

How does one correctly insulate aluminium windows by means of thermal separation? You can find out the answer in a short explanatory video on the insulbar® YouTube channel. Why not give it a click! Direct link to Clip!


Data sheets updated

Updated data sheets for the Ensinger plastics TECATHERM 66 ESP, TECATHERM 66 GF 40 and TECATHERM VE-R-G300 are now available for download.

What has changed? These products are non-standard materials whose rated values for thermal conductivity are not...


Sample box: please DO touch!

So that you can get a comprehensive picture of insulbar® profiles, we have a new sample box to offer you. The box contains 8 sample profile types and shapes from the extensive insulbar® standard range. Inside you will find, for example, alongside offset..


Standard range: the summer edition has arrived!

A decision to use a standard insulating profile will save you hard cash: No time or costs are required for design and tool production, and delivery times will be reduced accordingly. This is why we are constantly expanding our standard range for you; for...


Video: the material of the future

In the 1960s, a lot is in a state of flux. New materials are conquering the market. And Wilfried Ensinger is experimenting in his garage on new techniques in order to be able to produce quality stock shapes and elements for machines using engineering...


50 years of Ensinger: built to last

In 1966, Wilfried Ensinger started up his own business in a garage. It was barely long enough to enable extrusion of fibre-reinforced plastics on the two home-made facilities. Before a strand reached the other side of the road it was sawn off with a hand...


New: protection for visible surfaces

As of now, Ensinger is offering you a protective film for insulbar® insulating profiles. It provides effective protection against damage, scratches and stains throughout the manufacturing process. The film is primarily intended for the surface of the bars...


Ensinger turns 50!

After starting out in a garage in Ehningen, a small town in the south west of Germany, Ensinger has developed over the course of half a century from a small business to an international group of companies. Nowadays, the company is represented with...


Successful entry into the Chinese market

For the first time, Ensinger presented its construction products insulbar® and Thermix® at Fenestration China in Shanghai (11 – 14 November) to a Chinese specialist audience. It was the culmination of many months of intensive preparation for the...


Well wound: insulbar® on coils

If required, in future Ensinger will supply its straight and offset insulbar® insulating bars in wound form delivered as coils. This form of delivery allows up to 300 m to be rolled as a continuous piece on a coil, depending on the profile geometry...


Coex sealing wire: who invented it?

The coex sealing wire in the insulating profile is used to create a perfect seal of the assembled system, and as well as ensuring a reliable moisture barrier, also brings about an additional safeguard against displacement of the assembly. Most insulbar®...


insulbar® video: welcome to the profile professionals!

A picture can say more than a thousand words. This is why the whole world of insulbar® insulating profiles has been summarized in a new video clip. This entertaining video can be accessed right on the home page or on the insulbar® YouTube channel. It...


insulbar® FS profiles: material suitability verified

To ensure compliance with the new European Product Standard governing the fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics of doors, gates and windows EN 16034, many suppliers are revising their fire resistance and smoke control systems...


insulbar® thermal insulating bars still aTg approved

The UBAtc (l’Union Belge pour l’Agrément technique) is the only Belgian authority empowered to grant official technical approval for construction materials. The l’agrément technique for construction products is voluntary and is used as an official...