2018-03-12 / News

insulbar Bolt Operating Profiles: well wound

Considerably less waste and well wound: our insulbar bolt operating profiles are sent to you with a new packaging and coil design.

In future, we will also be delivering push rods on coils without additional single-use spools made of cardboard. On site, you simply remove the protective sleeve and place the coil on a reusable spool made of high quality plastic. The profiles can now be unrolled by using the unwinding units, punched and cut to the required length.

Ordered coiled bolt operating profiles, called a coil.

Just your type

With two different spool types, the coils fit all common unwinding units. Both spools are made of recycled polyethylene. They are reusable and can be ordered from Ensinger.

Well wound

Thanks to orderly winding, the bolt operating profile runs straight, stress-free and without any canting in the unwinding and cutting machine. Precise, accurately positioned punching operations are the result.

insulbar push rod on coil fixed with a cross The unrolled insulbar profile can be easily placed on the reusable spool.

Suitable for all push rods

All bolt operating profiles from our insulbar standard range can be delivered as coil ware. This means you benefit from overall improved handling and save a lot of waste compared to ready-made parts.

Coil types for insulbar bolt operating profiles Suitable for spools for all common unwinding units

Less packaging waste, more environmentally friendly

We deliver the coils in lengths of 200 m, stacked and shrink-wrapped on pallets. Thanks to the reusable spools, there is no additional cardboard packaging or tedious waste separation. In this way, valuable resources are protected and fewer costs are incurred for handling and disposing of packaging waste.

Additional information about insulbar bolt operating profiles and the reusable spools is available in our brochure. Your personal contact at Ensinger will also be happy to provide you with additional information.
insulbar bolt operating profile goes into the rolling machine Thanks to proper winding, the profile runs straight, without any canting in the unwinding machine.

insulbar LUB – The material makes the difference

When it comes to lock and bolt rods, stringent demands are made on the material used: It should be possible to open and close windows easily without applying excessive force – also after years of use. These profiles are also in an exposed location, so their appearance is vitally important too.

The Ensinger special plastic used for bolt operating profiles, TECATHERM 66 GF lub, is self-lubricating and glass fibre reinforced. This ensures low friction and consequently easier operability of the window. insulbar LUB profiles are supplied with an aesthetically pleasing deep black gloss surface and a laser-marked serial number to guarantee easy traceability at any time.