Thermal separation of windows, doors and façades

Plastic insulating bars are a vital component of modern window, door or façade systems made of metal. They separate aluminium frames thermally from each other, thereby reducing loss of heat to a minimum. Insulbar® insulating profiles are available in many shapes and different materials. Depending on the window type and climatic conditions, all requirements for a window system can be fulfilled.


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insulbar® - thermal insulation of windows, doors and façades made of aluminium.

Thermal separation

Window corner with red and blue arrow to illustrate thermal separation
In a nutshell: that’s thermal separation.


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The key advantages for system manufacturers and processors at a glance.


Perfect solution for thermally separated systems
Always the right insulating bar - for any type of window and opening.


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Ensinger offers insulbar® insulating bars in different forms and depths with many functional zones and for special applications.


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insulbar® insulating profiles are available in many Ensinger standard and non-standard materials.

Process engineering

insulbar insulating bars in profile
The latest production processes and Ensinger’s unique plastics know-how form the solid basis of top insulbar® quality.


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Important notes on transporting, storing and handling insulbar® insulating profiles.