2015-08-20 / News

Well wound: insulbar on coils

If required, in future Ensinger will supply its straight and offset insulbar® insulating bars in wound form delivered as coils. This form of delivery allows up to 300 m to be rolled as a continuous piece on a coil, depending on the profile geometry.

What does this mean for you as a customer? You always have precisely the length of insulbar® insulating bars you need to hand – without incurring major waste or rejects due to unusable offcuts. Coils can also simplify the handling, transport and storage of profiles within production.

insulbar® coils are delivered in cardboard boxes on a wooden pallet (740 x 740 mm), in stacks of up to 10 coils (12 when air freighted) one above the other, and with a maximum weight per coil of 15 kg. The inside diameter of a coil is at least 450 mm. The external dimension is restricted to max. 700 mm depending on the profile length. The width of the coil is up to 100 mm.

On principle, offset profiles up to a width of 24 mm width and all straight profiles can be coiled – in each case without function zones. You will recognize these profiles in the insulbar® standard programme at a glance by their spiral symbol. Or simply ask your personal Ensinger contact, who will be pleased to draw you up an individual quote.