07.06.2016 / News

Profile processing to customer order

At your request we will supply you with fully processed insulating profiles, prepared ready for installation and with individually definable characteristics – both for insulating bars developed specifically for the customer and profiles from our standard range, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – manufacturing your products.

Coating with Low-E film:

All insulating profiles with flags can be coated with a highly reflective Low-E film without any changes to geometry. In this way, heat losses are effectively reduced without any additional development or tool costs at all. The Uf values correspond to those of systems that use foam. This does not give rise to any additional process or logistics requirements, as the insulating bar is delivered ready-coated with film.

insulbar insulating profile covered with highly reflective Low-E filmInsulating profile coated with highly reflective Low-E film (insulbar LEF) – minimises losses resulting from heat radiation at windows, doors and façades 

Punched holes:

Save yourself time and money: We punch your desired drainage, attachment or pressure equalisation openings into insulbar profiles with wall thickness of up to 3 mm ex works. In this way it is also possible to create flexible connections (ladder profiles) for reducing bimetallic effects. Application-specific drilled holes or milling operations are also possible.

Dust blasting:

Dust blasting is a process used to roughen the surface of the insulating bar. This increases surface energy, improves paint adhesion when powder coating, and ensures a good, durable painted result and an improved appearance. If you have even more exacting requirements regarding painting properties we recommend the use of insulbar ESP. This profile consists of a material with improved electrostatic properties for optimum powder attraction, and can also be dust blasted.

Punched insulbar insulating profilePunched insulbar insulating profile  

Cover profile:

Profile areas where no paint is required can be covered with a reusable clip-on profile during painting. This reliably protects against unwanted paint application. Cover profiles reduce the work load and ensure reliable results – particularly when working with complex profile geometries. Alternatively, a temperature-resistant film can also protect certain profile areas during powder coating prior to paint application; this can subsequently be removed again without leaving any residues.

A cover profile provides reliable protection against unwanted paint application on defined areas of the insulbar insulating barA cover profile reliably protects against unwanted paint application. 

Subsequent machining:

For the rare applications in which the tolerances achievable using the extrusion process are not sufficient, we offer subsequent machining of the thermal insulating bars using a high-speed milling station. This enables the achievement of tolerance fields of 0.05 mm, irrespective of the profile size.

Sharpening to a point:

To improve the drawing-in behaviour of the insulating profiles into the aluminium cavities, the ends of the profile lengths are "sharpened to a point". This simplifies and speeds up the automatic introduction of profiles into the aluminium half-shells and thus enhances productivity during window and door production.

Sharpened insulating bar for simpler drawing-in into the aluminium cavitiesSharpened insulating bar for simpler drawing-in into the aluminium cavities


insulbar profiles can be conditioned in a warm water bath following production. This enables the moisture content of the profiles to be adjusted precisely to individual requirements. This can simplify post-process machining in the customer's own workshop, for instance. The moisture content depends on the profile geometry, water temperature and conditioning period.

Protective film:

On request we will equip insulating profiles with a protective film which protects effectively against damage, scratches and soiling throughout the entire processing phase. The film is primarily intended for the surfaces of the insulating bar which are in the visible area in the metal frame and therefore have to stay flawless.

A protective film that can be applied to insulbar insulating bars ensures a flawless look.The protective film that can be applied to insulating bars ensures a flawless look. 


Using inkjet and laser printers or embossing, product markings can be added in certain areas or at certain intervals to customer order. This guarantees the traceability of all relevant data within the framework of optimised quality assurance.

Bundles, coils:

The thermal insulating bars are bundled into the required piece numbers to simplify handling. Processors benefit from cost and time benefits during storage, order picking and also during actual processing. Systems manufacturers and processors whose logistics and processing operations are configured for coils can also be supplied with their profiles in coil form where the geometry allows.

An insulbar insulating profile with markings to customer order.Insulating profiles can be marked in line with customer requests.

You can also find an overview of all possibilities for further processing here. If you have any questions or require further information, talk to us.