2017-11-15 / News

Ensinger foundation: helping people help themselves in Nigeria

The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has been supporting a school project in the village of Nimo in Nigeria for the past 20 years. With its help, a primary school was initially built that is now attended by 525 children. In addition to buying medical devices, the foundation has also helped finance a drinking-water well and the construction of a secondary school. The "Viktor Frankl New Dimension Secondary School" was ceremoniously opened in 2011. This summer, the oldest students had the opportunity to take their final examinations for the first time. 31 school leavers can now obtain the university entrance qualification in accordance with the West African WAEC standard.
Graduated students of the Ensinger-supported school in Nimo, Nigeria.

Successful Model for Education

The two well-equipped schools have turned into a successful model, not least thanks to highly committed and qualified teachers. Several students have already won trophies in competitions for speaking, maths and writing essays. Those students who do not want to go to university can also obtain a vocational qualification at the secondary school.
The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has a mission to provide long-term support for social, scientific and cultural projects.

Long-Term Promotion of Children and Adolescents

The commitment of Wilfried and Martha Ensinger for the Ensinger family business that they founded has always accompanied support for people in Germany and overseas. The married couple started the first relief projects in Brazil back in the 1970s. Numerous activities were added after the Wilfried Ensinger Foundation was founded in 1997. Most of the projects, including the construction of schools in developing countries and the promotion of cultural programs and educational institutions in Germany, have been supported over many years and benefit children and adolescents in particular.

Additional funding priorities and projects of the Foundation: http://www.wilfried-ensinger-stiftung.de/en/support-priorities