29/04/2019 / News

Smooth shell, foamed core: insulbar LI

At the BAU trade fair in January, Ensinger presented a new insulating profile in the form of insulbar LI, which optimally combines energy- and cost-effectiveness. Compared with standard profiles made from solid polyamide, with insulbar LI the lambda value can be reduced from 0.3 W/mK to as little as 0.21 W/mK.

Thermally improved material

The reduced thermal conduction capacity of insulbar LI is achieved by means of a special manufacturing process in which glass fibre-reinforced polyamide is foamed. Thanks to the uniform pore distribution, the profile ends up with a lower density than insulating bars from polyamide 66. The outer skin remains unbroken, which means there are no differences regarding visual appearance, quality or workmanship.

insulbar LI insulating profile with a close-up of the smooth shell and the foamed coreSmooth shell, foamed core: The fine-pored structure of the insulating profile reduces the thermal conduction capacity. The compact, smooth surface ensures a perfect visual appearance and reliability in the coating process.

System optimisation made easy

Thermally improve your existing aluminium systems using a simple approach and reduce the installation depth by switching to insulbar LI. Or make use of the opportunity to offer additional versions with different Uf values. And do so without the need for any further system or process changes and with no differences in visual appearance or quality. The new insulating bar stands out for narrow tolerances and is also available with Coex wire. Depending on the original system, switching to insulbar LI makes it possible to reduce the values by around 0.1 W/m2K.

Cross-section of a window system with the standard insulating profile insulbar Reg, an installation depth of 73 mm and a Uf value= 1.3 W/m2KWindow system with standard insulating bar insulbar REG; installation depth 73 mm: Uf value = 1.3 W/m2K
Cross-section of an identical window system with standard insulating profile insulbar LI with installation depth 73 mm and a Uf value= 1.18 W/m2KIdentical window system with insulbar LI: Uf value = 1.18 W/m2K


insulbar LI is complementing our profile range of high-quality insulating bars. Whether from solid or foamed PA 66 GF, with or without Low-E film, or bars made from recycled polyamide, we have the insulating profile to suit all your tasks perfectly. Regardless of whether you have particularly tough requirements regarding the Uf value, the installation depth, sustainability or the cost-effectiveness of a system.

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