2016-06-16 / News

New: protection for visible surfaces

As of now, Ensinger is offering you a protective film for insulbar® insulating profiles. It provides effective protection against damage, scratches and stains throughout the manufacturing process. The film is primarily intended for the surface of the bars which are in the visible area in the metal frame and therefore have to look flawless.

Previously defined sections of the insulbar® profile have the robust protective film applied to them immediately after being extruded. Following transportation, processing and final assembly, the adhesive film can be removed simply by being pulled off, and leaves no residues. The visual appearance of the finished system thus remains impeccable.

From certain purchase volumes upwards, you can even have customised printing of the transparent film e.g. with your company logo.

Do you want to find out more about the new surface protection film? Ask your Ensinger contact for advice.

Some technical data:

 Material  Polyethylene
 Total thickness
 50 µm
 Adhesive system
 Film colour