2015-02-20 / News

insulbar FS profiles: material suitability verified

To ensure compliance with the new European Product Standard governing the fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics of doors, gates and windows EN 16034, many suppliers are revising their fire resistance and smoke control systems.

Ensinger commissioned ift Rosenheim to test the plastic suitability of insulbar FS insulating profiles made of TECATHERM VE-R-G300 for compliance with EN 14024/DIBt Directive 17. Year 6 1986 -12. This inspection constitutes verification of the suitability of plastic used for the thermal separation of metal and plastic profiles. In addition, part testing was also performed by ift Rosenheim to determine the creep factor A2 due to ageing.

Although the standard EN 16034 does not directly oblige the manufacturer to subject the plastic used in insulating profiles for fire protection and smoke control doors, gates and windows to suitability testing, Ensinger firmly believes that this suitability verification and verification of the creep factor A2 provide helpful information for the suppliers of this type of system. The creep factor A2 is required for static verification.

The official verification certificates provided by ift Rosenheim are available from your Ensinger contact in the Sales Department and Application Engineering Department on request.