Image of six different profiles
Universal and economical

Insulating bars from the standard range: Available at short notice and affordable 

The extensive profile range offers scope for wide-ranging applications using standard products. Compared to customized non-standard profiles, this offers significant time and cost benefits.

This is because they entail no tooling costs. The insulating bars are quickly available and can be delivered anywhere around the world. They are made of high-performance, proven Ensinger plastics and offer a high level of process reliability due to certified processes in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

And for cases where our standard range doesn't offer a solution to meet your specific requirements, we will work in close cooperation with you do develop tailored, system-specific non-standard profiles – precisely to meet your specifications.

Outstanding functionality as standard, diversity as a matter of course 

insulbar® standard profiles are available in all customary types and dimensions in closely meshed graduations (sizes from 10 to 54 mm) in straight and offset designs with application-specific functional elements. The insulating profiles from our standard range, in particular our hollow profiles, are suitable for highly-insulating window, door or facade elements in metal. Depending on the geometry, these are compliant with the requirements imposed by relevant country-specific legislation such as the Energy Saving Directive in Germany. Sensible extra features such as the equipment of polyamide bars with a Coex wire to provide a reliable moisture barrier and perfect sealing, are standard at Ensinger. It is also possible to combine profiles to create a system assembly.

insulbar system assemblies: For fast, cost-saving development of window systems 

System assemblies are simple, efficient complete solutions for tilt and turn window systems and are available for all customary insulating depths. They comprise three different profile types of identical size with all the necessary function zones. The insulating bars have identical base geometries and are characterized by their standardized height dimension tolerances.

Picture of standard profile cross-section with 14.8 mm insulation depth

Standard profile with 14.8 mm insulation depth

Picture of standard profile cross-section with 24 mm insulation depth

 Standard profile with 24 mm insulation depth

Picture of standard profile cross-section with 34 mm insulation depth

 Standard profile with 34 mm insulation depth

Picture of standard profile cross-section with 42 mm insulation depth

 Standard profile with 42 mm insulation depth

All standard profiles at a glance