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Energy efficient & stormproof

Precisely ten years ago, on July 24, 2007, the first insulbar insulating bar was extruded on North American soil, in Grenloch (New Jersey). Although around 50% of metal windows in the USA are still without thermal separation, awareness of the benefits of better window insulation is growing. Alongside profiles made of polyamide, many system manufacturers in the USA still use polyurethane resin for thermal separation – although the tendency is falling (source: B+L Marktdaten GmbH). So there is plenty of future growth potential for insulbar in the USA. This is also demonstrated by the twelve newly developed product lines from Western Window Systems.
Able to withstand even a hurricane: The movable glass walls, doors and windows of the new 7000 series from Western Window Systems are equipped with insulbar.

Ensinger fitted the US system provider’s 7000 series with insulbar. The series is due to be launched on the market this year.

These slender, aluminium-framed moving glass walls, doors and windows are designed primarily for use in the Northwest, Northeast and Southeast region of the USA. In northern climes, the winters can be extremely cold, while the summer can frequently bring heat waves. The further south, the hotter the summer months - meaning an increased demand for air conditioning. The coastal regions are also at risk from hurricanes. This means that the new systems have to fulfil stringent energy and stability requirements. Their U values are up to 1.08 W/m2K (with triple glazing). The elements are also able to withstand high wind loads (design pressure (DP) over 50) and are certified hurricane-resistant.

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