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DIBt, ATG and CSTB tests for insulbar RE-LI completed

Ensinger is continually expanding and updating its portfolio of test certificates for insulbar – and now for the foamed profile insulbar RE-LI too. This makes it easier for manufacturers of metal systems – comprising thermal breaks – in windows, doors and façades to access attractive markets. 


Raw materials situation curbing boom

After the slump in the global economy due to Covid, things are showing a steep upward trend again. But things are still not going smoothly when it comes to global supply chains. Insufficient raw materials supply is also limiting Ensinger’s production of insulbar.


New: Videos on thermal breaks with insulbar

Design engineer looks for the best solution for a thermal break in aluminium profiles.
Do you already know our insulbar video library? No? Then why not take a look. Because alongside all current videos on insulbar and Ensinger, it now also contains new clips about insulbar RE and insulbar MIP. The films explain, briefly and visually, the background to each product and/or idea.


insulbar RE-LI scores double climate points

Insulating bar insulbar RE-LI with recycling stamp and close-up of foamed core
Why not enhance the ecological value of your window systems with our latest insulating bar? After all, insulbar RE-LI combines the outstanding environmental footprint of a recycled material with the greater insulating effect of a foamed polyamide. This reduces the CO2 emissions twice over, thereby making insulbar RE-LI ideal for use in green construction.


Virtual trade fair instead of BAU: How it was, how it will be

A look at the virtual insulbar Showroom
As with other companies, the cancellation of physical events in the industry presented us with the challenge of finding a digital solution that would enable us to meet customers and present new products. Since the beginning of January, it has been possible to visit our insulbar Showroom live and around the clock.


Virtual trade fair instead of BAU: How it was, how it will be

A look at the virtual insulbar Showroom
As with other companies, the cancellation of physical events in the industry presented us with the challenge of finding a digital solution that would enable us to meet customers and present new products. Since the beginning of January, it has been possible to visit our insulbar Showroom live and around the clock.


Virtual insulbar Showroom opens for BAU 2021

The city of the future built on insulbar insulating bars

In keeping with the slogan “think tomorrow. think green. think insulbar”, we are presenting new, pioneering products for the thermal separation of aluminium systems.


ATG certification for insulbar LI

With the ATG H730 certification by the UBAtc, Ensinger is receiving technical approval for insulbar LI in Belgium and beyond.
Ensinger is continuously expanding and updating its portfolio of certificates for insulbar. This should make it easier for manufacturers of thermally separated metal systems in windows, doors and façades to access attractive markets. Now, insulbar LI has also successfully passed the constructional inspection.


Energy and environmental management right up to date

Ensinger’s modern company building: here insulbar is produced in line with the highest international standards for energy and environmental management.

With insulbar, Ensinger is helping to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. And in the company itself, people are constantly working on improvements with the aim of conserving resources. Energy and environmental management have now been successfully audited.


Innovation: A construction kit for insulating bars

Illustration of basic insulating bar with attachable functional zones
We all played with Lego as a child didn’t we? We could just keep creating new things with a wide variety of building blocks. Cars, houses, ships – there were no limits to where our imagination would take us. It’s not possible to build houses and cars with a modular insulbar system, but it is possible to construct an almost infinite number of profile geometries. In a rapid, flexible and cost-effective way.


Video clip: How the door stays in shape

Illustration: A couple are delighted at the new door which contains shear-free thermal insulating bars from insulbar.
Efficiently insulating and simultaneously minimizing the deformation of the door from big temperature differences – this is what insulbar shear-free is about. The mechanism of action and the ease of processing of this special profile are illustrated by a new video clip.


It works without foam too

Insulbar insulating profiles with Low-E film
Lots of designers rely on additional foam in the insulation zone. But it’s also quite easy to do without it! With the same effectiveness but without the time and effort involved in the subsequent insertion of foams.


Hand in hand against the pandemic

Woman with protective visor as an additional barrier against viruses
The coronavirus epidemic is demonstrating that plastics are indispensable in medical technology. Respirator masks, protective suits, ventilator systems, IV tubing – the list of essential articles made from polymers is a long one. A task force specially established for the purpose by Ensinger is coordinating cross-divisional activities to make its contribution to overcoming the crisis.


insulbar materials: It’s all about the right mixture

Plastic granules
Did you know? Ensinger offers more than 100 different plastics for a wide variety of applications. Over and above this, over 500 plastic modifications are possible. Our insulating bars chiefly use polyamides, tailored to the relevant application.


insulbar puts door in best climate category

Comparison of door with and without insulbar shear-free
Ensinger has developed a shear-free insulating profile for preventing the bi-metal effect in doors. Its effectiveness has now been confirmed by an external institute. The tested front door with insulbar shear-free made it into the best climate category, whilst a comparable product was unable to fulfil the door manufacturer’s minimum requirements.


Side glances: Traveling in a vacuum

Vehicle capsule travels through a tube
Ensinger can do other things too: This time we are once again focusing on a special project in which our plastics expertise is required. In the last Newsletter, our journey took us with the space probe to Mercury; this time we are travelling to the future with Elon Musk.


Peete J. Kikerpill Appointed West Coast Sales Representative for Ensinger Building Products , NA

New Sales Representative for Ensinger Building Products: Peete J. Kikerpill
Ensinger Building Products, a subsidiary of Ensinger GmbH Group in Germany, has announced the appointment of Peete J. Kikerpill as the new West Coast Sales Representative for Ensinger Building Products NA (North America). Mr. Kikerpill succeeds ...


It’s all about the frame: this is how the insulation zone is optimized

View of the insulation zone of a window corner from aluminium profiles thermally separated with insulbar.
When it comes to making the thermal separation of metal systems as efficient as possible, engineers’ know-how is required. You can read here about how heat transfer works in the assembly, and about which influencing variables the design engineer draws on when optimizing the insulation zone.


Closed shell, foamed core: insulbar LI

insulbar LI insulating profile with a close-up of the smooth shell and the foamed core
Ensinger expands its range of insulating bars for windows, doors and facades with a profile with particularly low thermal conductivity. Ensinger achieves the reduced thermal conduction capability of insulbar LI by means of a special production process in which glass fibre reinforced polyamide is foamed ...


Acting sustainably: Ensinger in the spotlight

Child with a windmill in their hand in a cornfield
Climate change, declining bee populations, plastic waste in the ocean – these issues have become the focus of even greater public attention in recent months, thanks not least to the Fridays for Future movement. Ensinger is also increasingly being asked what sustainable action the company is taking. And it’s quite a bit.


Side Glances: On the way to Mercury

Space probe on the way to Mercury
insulbar insulating profiles are just one of our diverse plastics solutions. In the future this section is where we are going to be looking further afield at non-everyday applications for our engineering plastics and special tasks for them. For example, one Ensinger material is enabling a space probe’s trip – taking several years – to Mercury.


Our contribution: insulbar RE

A window insulated with insulbar RE bears a green thumbprint
Three planet Earths would be needed just to supply, on a long-term basis, the resources consumed by industrialized and newly industrializing countries. This means that every individual has an obligation to protect the eco-system and preserve it for future generations. Ensinger is also making its contribution.


Further improvement to life cycle assessment

The ift Rosenheim officially presents the new environmental declaration EPD for insulbar insulating bars
The Institute of Window Technology ift Rosenheim has renewed the environmental product declaration (EPD) for insulbar insulating profiles. At BAU 2019, a representative from the ift presented the certificate officially  ...


Shear-free: the insulating profile for doors

Cross section and geometry of two-part, shear-free insulbar insulating profile
Who doesn’t delight at the sun shining into their face on leaving the house. But the joy quickly evaporates if the front door is on the sunny side. On hot days, it can become significantly deformed as a result of the heat. Ensinger is now putting a stop to this. 



Illustration of glass ball on hand with the writing EVI Excellence
We would like to get a bit better every day. And we want to do this using improvement methods based on local requirements but always with one thing in common: Every employee can and should contribute.


All fixed up: improved load securing

insulbar insulating profiles loaded in stillages have additional protection against damage by way of a securing tarpaulin.
So that nothing slips about during handling and transport and the load is better protected against mechanical damage, Ensinger is introducing a further restraining system for its stillages. This system consists of a robust tarpaulin and strap sewn onto...


Profile processing to customer order

Punched insulbar insulating profile
At your request we will supply you with fully processed insulating profiles, prepared ready for installation and with individually definable characteristics – both for insulating bars developed specifically for the customer and profiles from our standard...


insulbar® bolt operating profiles: well wound

Coil types for insulbar bolt operating profiles

Considerably less waste and well wound: our insulbar® bolt operating profiles are sent to you with a new packaging and coil design.

In future, we will also be delivering push rods on coils without additional single-use spools made of cardboard...


insulbar® wins the USGlass Readers’ Choice Award

Publications by USGlass magazine

Readers of USGlass magazine voted and decided in favour of insulbar®: our insulating bar was voted the best component of 2017 and presented the USGlass Readers’ Choice Award.

USGlass Magazine is the official publication of the Glass Association of North America (GANA) and...


Ensinger foundation: helping people help themselves in Nigeria

The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has been supporting a school project in the village of Nimo in Nigeria for the past 20 years. With its help, a primary school was initially built that is now attended by 525 children. In addition to buying...


Energy efficient & stormproof

Precisely ten years ago, on July 24, 2007, the first insulbar® insulating bar was extruded on North American soil, in Grenloch (New Jersey). Although around 50% of metal windows in the USA are still without thermal separation, awareness of the benefits of...


"The frame is what makes the difference"

"With regards to energy efficiency, builders are increasingly paying attention to glazing. Yet it’s usually the frame that makes the difference," says Ahmet Biler, R&D expert at Metal Yapi, one of the leading facade specialists in the world...


Cradle to Cradle Material Health: insulbar® certified

People spend the majority – 90% – of their time inside buildings. It is therefore important to Ensinger to use insulbar® materials for its building products, which are demonstrably harmless to humans and the environment. Representative of two products...


Ensinger has shrunk the lambda value

Large areas of glass, slim frames, high energy efficiency: BAU 2017 saw Ensinger exhibit insulbar® and in so doing present the solution for delicate, visually appealing systems which simultaneously retain outstanding insulating properties. The lambda...


New: protection for visible surfaces

As of now, Ensinger is offering you a protective film for insulbar® insulating profiles. It provides effective protection against damage, scratches and stains throughout the manufacturing process. The film is primarily intended for the surface of the bars...


Coex sealing wire: who invented it?

The coex sealing wire in the insulating profile is used to create a perfect seal of the assembled system, and as well as ensuring a reliable moisture barrier, also brings about an additional safeguard against displacement of the assembly. Most insulbar®...


insulbar® FS profiles: material suitability verified

To ensure compliance with the new European Product Standard governing the fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics of doors, gates and windows EN 16034, many suppliers are revising their fire resistance and smoke control systems...