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Quality management ensuring reliable insulating bar function

Before an insulbar® insulating profile goes to series production, it has been through seamless of quality controls. Newly developed insulating bars are exhaustively tested using modern test facilities before their market launch. Here, they are required to pass stringent stress tests for the complete range of mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, tensile modulus, density, glass fibre content, melting temperature and moisture absorption, as well as durability, serviceability and suitability in practical application.

Quality in series – continuous in-process testing and registered

All quality-relevant parameters are continuously tested and registered, and the relevant data archived for traceability purposes during series production too.

In addition to our own internal quality and function tests within the framework of our Quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 , we also have our products and materials regularly tested by external partners. Our engineers maintain contacts with renowned institutes such as the ift Rosenheim.

We are happy to enter into individual agreements relating to additional tests or specific product markings in cooperation with our customers. These measures ensure that all insulbar® insulating bars which leave our factory comply with the most stringent quality requirements and fulfil the required functions.

Insulating profiles made in Germany comply with international quality stipulations

Whether you require a standard or a bespoke solution – all insulbar® thermal insulating bars comply with the most stringent internationally applicable quality requirements. The profiles also allow compliance with country-specific stipulations such as the Chinese standard GB/T 23615.6 -2009 or, when assembled with other system components, with the Norme Française required in France. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of insulating profiles, we have been instrumental in shaping these stipulations through our pioneering work in many countries.

Complaints service – there for you!

We attach particular importance to reliability and a consistently high standard of quality – which is why out complaints quota remains at a constant low level. In the unlikely event that you should not be satisfied with our service, please contact us. Ensinger will be pleased to help if you have a complaint or wish to report a problem.