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Advantages of insulbar insulating profiles

insulbar® insulating bars with vanishing perspective

insulbar insulating profiles save energy and heating costs, so sustainably improving metal windows, doors and façades, and providing system manufacturers and processors with a decisive benefit.

Not only in terms of the quality, durability, functionality, insulating effect and sustainability of the profiles, but also as regards delivery capability, process and production reliability, ease of processing and also in terms of cost.

  • insulbar insulating profiles are suitable for the thermal separation of widely differing window, door and façade systems made of metal (e.g. aluminium or steel). Because the profiles are available in every conceivable cross-section and tolerance, and the material selection can be oriented to customer-specific requirements and production methods.
  • The extensive range of particularly affordable standard profiles enables the economical solution of customary terms of reference. Tested quality and a long service life prevent complaints and supplementary costs during the warranty period of the end products.
  • Our customers benefit from short delivery times and unlimited delivery quantities of insulbar profiles. The premium quality, precision and tolerances of our thermal insulating bars enable reliable handling during connection and installation, and guarantee the long-term function of the assembly.

  • insulbar polyamide bars are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, cleaning and processing agents. They are suitable for stove enamelling, resilient during the anodizing process and insensitive to weather when assembled.

  • The profiles are thermally insulating, enable Uf values to the passive house standard and so save energy. The use of recycled polyamide ensures optimum sustainability. insulbar insulating bars are continuously further developed and are always abreast of the state of the art.

  • The effective insulating effect of the profiles allows house owners to save heating costs in winter and remain cool economically during the summer. A calculation example indicates the scope for savings* offered by insulbar insulating profiles, in this case insulbar LEF in 34 mm.

      Frame without thermal separation
    Frame with thermal separation (with insulbar LEF)
     Uf value
     6 W/(m2K)
     1,4 W/(m2K)
     Energy consumption
     6 W/(m2K) x 0,5 m2 x 5 K x 8760 h
     1,5 W/(m2K) x 0,5 m2 x 5 K x 8760 h
     per annum
     = 131,4 kWh
     = 32,9 kWh
     Energy costs per annum
     131,5 kWh x 0,30 €/kWh = 39,42 €
     32,9 kWh x 0,30 €/kWh = 9,87 €
     Savings per annum due to insulbar LEF
     29,55 € !

    * Assumptions/ conditions: Window size: 1.48 m x 1.23 m = 1.82 m2, clear width of frame: 100 mm, Uf value of the frame without thermal Separation: 6 W/(m2K), Uf value of the frame with thermal separation: 1.5 W/(m2K), glass surface: 1.32 m2, frame surface: 0.5 m2, mean temperature difference inside/out: 5 K, glass and spacer of both windows identical, energy costs 0.30 €/kWh