11/26/2020 / News

ATG certification for insulbar LI

Following on from insulbar REG (regular) and insulbar RE (from 100 percent recycled polyamide), insulbar LI (Lambda Improved) has also now obtained technical approval for construction products in Brussels. The ATG H730 certificates from the UBAtc (Union belge pour l'Agrément technique de la construction) are reviewed in regular audits and are recognised in Belgium and far beyond. The l’Agrément Technique for construction products is voluntary and serves to officially confirm product quality and suitability for the intended purpose when the relevant guidelines are complied with.
insulbar LI, Ensinger’s insulating bar from the High Efficiency profile category, is precisely extruded for the customer in a variety of designs. It consists of foamed, glass fibre reinforced polyamide and improves the Uf values by approx. 0.1 W/m2 K.

Certificate: Agrément Technique ATG

ATG certificate for: insulbar® REG, insulbar® RE, insulbar® LI, insulbar® LO
Detailed view of the insulating profile insulbar LI from foamed, glass fibre reinforced polyamide for thermal separation in metal frames of windows, doors and façades. insulbar LI from foamed, glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66: The new certificate ATG H730 confirms technical approval for construction products.