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Development & application engineering
The guarantee of a great fit

Proven application engineering to create the perfect profile

The profile professionals from Ensinger offer more than just a wide range of ready-to-mount insulating bars. They are also there with sound advice to help with all your product-related questions.

The very best advice – all-round support

Application engineering-related advice, from the choice of material and geometry through handling, logistics and processing to the application of insulbar® insulating profiles is a key element of our core competence.

It goes without saying that we are there to support you with any issues relating to development, design or quality management. We will also produce individual sample profiles on request and also train your staff on all aspects of our products if needed.

By offering these services, our application engineering specialists ensure that you always receive the optimum insulating profiles for your needs, and are able to process them with the utmost reliability and economy. In this way, with insulbar® you will achieve a sustainable improvement in the quality and competitive standing of your products.

A focus on your insulating profile, an eye on quality and functionality

When developing and producing insulating bars, we leave nothing to chance. We ensure overarching application-specific adjustment and excellent product quality across all our processes. We are supported in this by state-of-the-art technology, such as finite element calculation which is used to determine the thermal transmission coefficient and to allow precise adjustment of the profile geometry to your specific need.

Rapid series production to the highest level

Ultra-modern testing processes provide you and us with the assurance of no-compromise function and quality during running production. A seamless data flow accelerates processes and ensures flexibility from the planning stage through to production.