09/21/2020 / News

Video clip: How the door stays in shape

insulbar shear-free is both ‘for’ and ‘against’: The special profile makes for efficient thermal separation of doors and works against the bi-temperature effect, also known as the bi-metal effect.

In direct sunlight, the outside of a front door for example heats up considerably. Thanks to the good insulation through thermal separation, the side facing indoors remains cool. And ultimately that’s how it should be. However, the outer metal shell of the door assembly expands to a greater extent due to the high temperature. Deformation of the door may result.

The video (length 1:32 min) shows the structure, mechanism of action and processability of the shear-free insulating bar. The two-part polyamide profile was specially developed for thermal separation of doors.

Balancing effect

The shear-free insulbar insulating bar evens out this differing linear expansion of the aluminium shells. The impact of the bimetal effect is reduced and deformation of the door minimised.

What is more: In spite of the two-part structure, the bar can be processed just as easily as a conventional plastic insulbar profile. Our new clip illustrates the mechanism of action and ease of processing of the shear-free insulbar bar. Why not take a look!