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insulbar RE-LI scores double climate points

New insulating bar from foamed recycled polyamide: Ensinger combines superior insulating effect with an outstanding environmental footprint

With insulbar RE-LI, Ensinger is presenting its greenest insulating bar for thermal breaks in aluminum systems for windows, doors and façades. Thanks to the use of unmixed, recycled polyamide, 92 percent fewer fossil fuels are used during manufacture compared with a conventional bar, the CO2 emissions drop by 91 percent, and water consumption drops by 78 percent*.

“In addition, foaming of the recycled polyamide improves the insulating effect of the glass fiber reinforced material. The lambda value is a mere 0.21 W/(m⋅K)**”, says Matthias Rink, Sales Director for insulbar at Ensinger. “So thanks to the low thermal conduction capacity, insulbar RE-LI also reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions during its entire service life.”

Greener made easy

Manufacturers can thereby enhance the ecological and climate-friendly properties of their aluminum systems by switching to insulbar RE-LI. The recycled polyamide, which is foamed uniformly during its extrusion, has high stability thanks to glass fiber reinforcement. The unbroken, smooth outer shell permits perfect anodizing and powder coating. Processing is similar to that for insulating profiles made from solid polyamide 66.

For several decades now, the material polyamide has proven itself in sustainable thermal breaks in the metal frames of windows, doors and façades. insulbar RE-LI combines double the climate benefits with high cost-effectiveness. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and the Cradle-to-Cradle Material Health Certificate facilitate building certification e.g. in accordance with BREEAM, LEED or DGNB.

*Source: Environmental Product Declaration EPD-IBP-14.1, ift Rosenheim
**In the product optimum

Further information:

Insulating bar insulbar RE-LI with recycling stamp and close-up of foamed core Fig. 1: With insulbar RE-LI, Ensinger optimizes the insulating bar in two respects: It consists of 100 % unmixed recycled polyamide, which is foamed in a special manufacturing process and thereby significantly improves the lambda value.
Diagram: insulbar RE-LI reduces carbon dioxide emission in aluminum systems twofold Fig. 2: CO2 reduction in a window with insulbar RE-Li compared with a window with a conventional insulating bar: Even during manufacture, CO2 emissions are reduced by 91 percent. Thanks to the foaming of the recycled polyamide, the insulating effect also increases, which pays off throughout its service life – both for the environment and financially – through the conservation of energy and reduction in CO2. (*Schematic representation; specific figures for reduction dependent on several parameters, customized calculation on request)

About insulbar

Ensinger GmbH is one of the world’s leading developers and producers of thermal insulating profiles for window, door and facade construction. The profiles marketed under the brand name insulbar® create a thermal barrier between the inner and outer shells of metal frames. Insulation solutions using insulbar® profiles achieve the best values in terms of energy saving and reduced heating and air conditioning costs, while complying with the most stringent quality standards in every respect. They have been in successful application the world for more than forty years.

About Ensinger

The Ensinger Group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, composites, technical parts and profiles made of engineering and high-performance plastics. To process the thermoplastic polymers, Ensinger uses a wide range of production techniques, such as extrusion, machining, injection moulding, casting, sintering and pressing. With a total of 2,700 employees at 35 locations, the family-owned enterprise is represented worldwide in all major industrial regions with manufacturing facilities or sales offices. ensingerplastics.com

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