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Do you have questions about our insulating profiles, or perhaps you require detailed technical data or additional information? Our would you like to place a direct order and require a quotation?
Our profile professionals will be pleased to provide their expertise and advice. Look here to find your contact.

Dominic Delcarlo

Dominic Del Carlo

Sales USA & Canada

Tel. +1 609-680-5173

Sales Representative Peete J. Kikerpill

Peete J. Kikerpill

Sales Western United States

Tel. +1 609-680-5081


Carl Lafreniere

Carl Lafreniere

Sales Eastern Canada & Northeastern United States

Tel. +1 514-663-4700


Internal Sales

Gertraud Schatz

Gertraud Schatz

Head of Customer Service  insulbar®

Tel. +49 9971 396 537


Sabine Lehmann

Sabine Lehmann

Internal Sales: USA, China, India, Italy, Scandinavia

Tel. +49 7032 819 629




Application Engineering

Thomas Kuechler

Thomas Küchler

Head of Application Engineering

Tel. +49 7032 819 284


Uwe Lerner

Uwe Lerner

Application Engineering USA, Canada, South America, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Eastern Europe

Tel. +49 7032 819 268


Steve St Pierre

Steve St. Pierre

Application Engineering USA & Canada

Tel. +1 856 340 6624



Quality Management

Stefan Rank

Stefan Rank

Head of Quality Management

Tel. +49 9971 396 434


Katharina Schindler

Katharina Schindler

Complaints service

Tel. +49 9971 396 573


Fabian Weinhold

Fabian Weinhold

Product and Project Quality

Tel. +49 9971 396 473