Row of 7 Ensinger employees walking in a factory hall towards the observer
Profile professionals and
experts in plastics

Ensinger – the inventor of the plastic insulating profile

The family firm of Ensinger has evolved over the past 50 years to become a significant global player. Today, its name is synonymous with outstanding expertise in plastics the world over.

More than 40 years ago, the company founder and pioneer Wilfried Ensinger started to develop what was then a totally unheard-of product: The thermal insulating bar. This development was driven by growing demand for thermally improved aluminium systems and the endeavor to make an active contribution towards saving resources and protecting the Environment.

Ensinger – Plastic expert and partner to industry

insulbar® represents only a part of Ensinger's extensive range of products and services. The company develops, produces and markets not only insulbar® insulating bars for the construction industry but also a whole series of other products such as compounds, stock shapes, composites, injection molded and machined finished parts, industrial profiles as well as compressed and cast formed parts. Ensinger products offer impressive economy and efficiency, and are used in a range of industrial sectors such as: Mechanical and plant engineering, the building industry, automotive engineering, medical technology, aerospace engineering, oil production and electrotechnology.

With 34 producing and sales locations, Ensinger is represented in many important industrial regions, and currently employs a workforce of around 2,700.

Compliance – A Cultural Imperative

For Ensinger, Compliance means more than just complying with applicable laws, Compliance is an important element of our Culture. We aim to consistently act ethically and with integrity.

The ethically responsible and lawful conduct of everyone at Ensinger, forms a foundation of trust for business partners, stakeholders and the public; and ultimately is the basis for the success of the Ensinger Group.  For this reason, Ensinger has established a Compliance Management System whose organisation, processes and measures are aimed at promoting proper conduct within the Group in every respect, and above all, avoiding systematic violations of applicable laws.

insulbar – the original from the profile professionals at Ensinger

This mission is still being driven forward today by the profile professionals at Ensinger – with unrivalled expertise, passion, innovation and experience gathered over decades. It's no coincidence that insulbar® insulating bars continue to set new standards in terms of their insulating effect, thermal separation, energy and cost savings, and also when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. They offer system manufacturers and processors outstanding scope for sustainable product improvement.