09/25/2020 / News

Innovation: A construction kit for insulating bars

Over 40 years ago, Ensinger invented the insulating bar which nowadays is a standard component in the thermal separation of metal systems. Since then we have influenced the sector with numerous inventions. And we are also actively shaping tomorrow. We are trying to re-think thermal separation and develop this in line with our customer’s needs.

Using a totally new approach, we are proposing a modular system for insulating bars which comprises basic profiles and functional zones of different types and dimensions. Basic bars are combined with the particular modules required – such as flags, hooks or grooves – and firmly joined using a special bonding technique. The underlying principle here is that a number of geometries can thus be produced quickly and simply, without having to develop new tools each time.

With the aid of this modular approach, exciting possibilities are being generated for future applications which we would love to discuss with interested customers. Ensinger has already filed patent applications for the underlying technical concepts; these have now been laid open to public inspection and hence are accessible.

Intrigued? We will be pleased to give you an initial introduction to our innovation concept, and show you what potential this might open up for you, at BAU 2021.

Illustration of basic insulating bar with attachable functional zonesA construction kit for insulating bars with which it possible to – rapidly and cost-effectively – keep creating new geometries for the insulating zone in metal systems. It’s still some way off yet but should be a reality soon.
Picture of Patent Pending stampLaid-open patent applications are already available for the modular insulbar system (EP3636870 and EP3610115).