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Production and Logistics
just in time

insulbar® insulating bars – reliable availability, rapid delivery

Our efficient, highly flexible production in several locations ensures short delivery periods and offers scope for practically unlimited delivery volumes of ordered insulbar® insulating profiles.

Compounding, extrusion and further processing under a single roof

We have decades of experience in the field of material development, compounding and extrusion. We are able to selectively use this expertise to adjust the properties of the materials we use. Consequently, we are not dependent on external suppliers: instead, we are able to develop the required plastics internally and compound them ourselves, from the smallest batch sizes to series scale production. Efficient processes and flexible control of production capacities reliably eliminate the possibility of profile production bottlenecks. Alongside profile extrusion, if required we are also able to undertake any assembly and Finishing, for instance by dust blasting or coating, perforating, punching or pre-assembly of supplementary components. We also offer plastic-metal hybrid solutions for special applications.

Delivery to customer order – punctually and reliably, to any location

Our logistics management ensures that you receive your ordered insulating bars reliably and in compliance with the quality specifications: Whether loose by the metre, bundled in containers or in the customer's own load carriers, and for certain profile cross-sections also rolled onto coils. A logistics concept tailored to your needs, coupled with a globally active distribution network, guarantee the fastest, most reliable just-in-time deliveries.