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insulbar® RE-LI – Ideal for green construction

Insulating profile insulbar RE-LI with recycling stamp and close-up of foamed core
insulbar® RE-LI combines the outstanding environmental footprint of a recycled material with the greater insulating effect of foamed polyamide 66. By choosing insulbar® RE-LI you cut emissions of the climate-damaging gas CO2 twice over – in manufacture and during the product’s service life. This makes it ideal for environmentally friendly, green construction and building certifications.

Conserves precious resources right from the start

insulbar® RE-LI is manufactured from 100 % unmixed recycled polyamide. Ensinger applies a sophisticated upcycling process to the raw material, making its material properties equivalent to those of primary polyamide 66. Thanks to the use of recycled material, 91% fewer greenhouse gases are generated in the manufacturing phase, and also 92% fewer fossil resources are used (Source: Environmental Product Declaration EPD-IBP-14.1, ift Rosenheim).

The perfect combination of insulbar® RE and insulbar® LI

Using a special technique, the glass fibre reinforced material is foamed during extrusion. The result of this is a porous structure with even pore distribution over the cross section of the insulating profile. This special structure gives insulbar® RE-LI a lower density and thereby particularly low thermal conduction capacity (λ=0.21 W/m⋅K *). The enhanced insulating effect means that during the entire service life, CO2 emissions are more heavily reduced as compared with solid PA 66 GF.

Twice the ecological impact

insulbar® RE-LI reduces the CO2 emissions twice over: in manufacture through the use of recycled polyamide 66 and during the product’s working life in the building.

With insulbar® RE-LI you enhance your aluminum systems in an ecological, climate-friendly way, thereby scoring points for green construction and building certifications in line with DGNB, LEED or BREEAM.

Diagram: insulbar RE-LI reduces carbon dioxide emission in aluminum systems twofold

Important benefits at a glance

  • Conserving double the resources: combines the outstanding environmental footprint of a recycled material with the greater insulating effect of foamed PA 66.
  • Low lambda value: 0.21 W/(m⋅K)*
  • Material with known and valued properties
  • Optimum combination of cost-effectiveness and sustainability
  • Cradle-to-Cradle Material Health Certificate
  • Complete with environmental declaration: ideal for green construction
*in the product optimum