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The new star taking centre stage!

insulbar® LI – the efficient insulating profile for the middle insulating segment

insulbar® LI is a new thermal insulating bar in the high-efficiency profile category which intelligently combines energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With insulbar® LI, it is possible to reduce Uf values cost-effectively even in the middle insulating segment and improve the insulation effect of the relevant window systems.

The insulating profile from thermally improved material

insulbar LI insulating profile with close-up of the smooth shell and the foamed core

The reduced thermal conduction capacity of insulbar® LI is achieved by means of a special manufacturing process in which glass fibre-reinforced polyamide is foamed. Compared with standard profiles made from solid polyamide, the lambda value of insulbar® LI can – in optimum products – be reduced from 0.3 W/mK to 0.21 W/mK*. This value makes it possible to achieve smaller installation depths while maintaining the same Uf value, or to optimise the Uf while keeping the installation depth the same.

* Product optimum

Optimise and vary window systems with ease

Existing window systems can easily be thermally improved through a switch to insulbar® LI and/or be offered in additional variants with different Uf values – without further system or process changes and without any difference in visual appearance or quality. Depending on the original system, a switch to insulbar® LI makes it possible to reduce the Uf values by around 0.1 W/m2K.

Diagram with Uf improvement or installation depth reduction

insulbar® LI at a glance:

  • Combines energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Low thermal conduction capacity
  • Permits lower Uf values or smaller installation depths
  • Optimum strength
  • Ideal for improving existing systems
  • Consistently high standard of tested quality
  • Currently only customized geometries
  • Currently produced in Cham, Germany


For more information on the insulbar® LI profile, see our brochure.