TECATHERM, a material with proven and balanced properties 

The plastics we use for our insulbar profiles are exclusively polyamides, with optimum mechanical properties for the application in question. They fulfil the highest requirements for stability, durability and insulating effect. 
The polyamide TECATHERM 66 is characterised by optimum mechanical strength, high rigidity and heat resistance. It has low thermal conductivity and, thanks to the fibre reinforcement, also has a similar linear expansion as aluminium. Its high temperature resistance allows it to be coated in composite.

insulbar RE 

made of TECATHERM 66 GF RE

The recycled profile: from 100 % recycled polyamide, unmixed and with an environmental declaration. Thanks to the special upcycling process has outstanding mechanical properties - just like the conventional insulbar insulating bars.

insulbar REG 

made of TECATHERM 66 GF

The universal profile: glass fibre reinforced and capable of withstanding extreme loads, for customary metal frame profiles.

made of TECATHERM 66 GF40

Highly reinforced profile with optimised strength and stiffness: perfect for demanding mechanical applications.

insulbar ESP

made of TECATHERM 66 ESP

From electrostatically optimised polyamide 66 GF: thanks to improved powder attraction, ideal for powder coating.

insulbar LI 

made of TECATHERM 66 GF

The insulating profile made from foamed polyamide 66 GF with a lambda value of 0.21 W/mK (in the optimum product): ideal for improving existing systems in respect of the Uf value or installation depth.


insulbar RE-LI 

made of TECATHERM 66 GF RE

The bar which combines the low thermal conduction capacity of a foamed polyamide 66 GF with the ecological advantages of recycled material: ideal for green construction.