2014-05-06 / Press Release

insulbar LEF: Low-E film as an alternative to foam

Ensinger optimises thermal separation in windows, doors and façades using highly heat-reflecting film

With a view to improving thermal insulation properties, Ensinger has advanced the design of its proven insulbar insulation profiles with a groundbreaking new technology. The use of Low-E Film (LEF) is reflected in the name of the new product: insulbar LEF. Applied to the flag of the thermal insulation profile, this film reflects the thermal radiation between the inner and outer shell of the aluminium frames used in windows, doors and façades. The functional principle is similar to that used in a thermos flask, whose mirror-finish inner coating maintains the temperature over long periods as a result of reflection.

insulbar LEF is a simple alternative to thermally insulating foam. When using insulbar LEF, the Uf values achieved are equivalent to those of thermal insulation profiles with foam - and in many cases even better. The rated emissivity of Low-E film corresponds to ε = 0.03 (standards and directives: EN 12898 and EN ISO 10456). This value can be used to draw up computed verifications in compliance with EN ISO 10077-2 and was confirmed by a test certificate from the Institute of Window Technology ift Rosenheim.

Frame system manufacturers can optionally use the Low-E film on all existing and new insulbar profiles with flag. The benefit: Only a single standardised profile design needs to be used. This eliminates the costs for additional extrusion tools. At the same time, the requirements stipulated in different markets can be adhered to without the need for a change of geometry.

insulbar LEF is supplied with a foil-covered flag and, unlike foam, can be directly further processed – without the need for additional cost-intensive work steps. LEF is heat resistant up to 200°C, is able to withstand this temperature for up to 20 minutes and so permits powder coating in the finished assembly. Standard anodizing is also possible. As an alternative to foam, using insulbar LEF permits significantly simplified processes.

Ensinger is pleased to offer its support to customers requiring bespoke optimization of insulbar profiles. For further information online, go to www.insulbar-LEF.com/en.

About insulbar

Ensinger GmbH is among the world's leading developers and producers of insulating profiles for window, door and facade construction. The profiles marketed under the brand name insulbar create a thermal separation between the inside and outside shells of metal frames. Insulation systems using insulbar profiles achieve optimum values in terms of energy savings and cutting the cost of heating and cooling. At the same time, insulbar profiles comply with the most stringent quality standards in every respect. They have been in successful operation around the world for over 30 years.

For more information, go to www.insulbar.com

About Ensinger

The Ensinger group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, profiles and technical parts made of engineering and high performance plastics through extrusion, machining and injection moulding. With a total of 2,100 employees at 27 locations, the family-owned enterprise is represented worldwide in all major industrial regions with manufacturing facilities or sales offices.

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Uf = 1.8 W/m²*K: insulbar thermal insulation profile with foam (marked in blue)
Uf = 1.7 W/m²*K: insulbar thermal insulation profile with Low-E film (marked in grey), ε = 0.03

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