insulbar® press releases


Ensinger sets itself ambitious climate protection goals

Ensinger is taking its responsibility for climate protection seriously. A few months ago, the plastics processor announced it was becoming part of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)...


Ensinger presents climate strategy

The manufacturing sector – particularly the plastics industry – has a key part to play in curbing climate change. With this in mind, the Ensinger Group’s owners ...


insulbar RE-LI scores double climate points

Insulating profile insulbar RE-LI with recycling stamp and close-up of foamed core
New insulating bar from foamed recycled polyamide: Ensinger combines superior insulating effect with an outstanding environmental footprint.


Ensinger to show insulbar innovations at BAU

Screen shot virtual showroom insulbar
Insulating bars make it possible to improve the energy efficiency of windows, doors and façades in a way that is sustainable and conserves resources


Two new Key Account Managers at Ensinger

Photo of insulbar Key Account Managers Gabriele Uslenghi and Michael Johann Herbst
Michael Herbst and Gabriele Uslenghi are providing Ensinger – specifically insulbar Sales – with two specialists experienced in the window sector.


Ensinger trusts in the leading trade fair BAU

Picture of Matthias Rink, Head of Sales for insulbar insulating bars
The insulating profile specialist for energy-efficient windows, doors and façades wants to step up its interactions – both face to face and digitally


insulbar puts door in best climate category

Comparison of door with and without insulbar shear-free
Ensinger’s shear-free insulating bar for metal doors scores well in the comparison test and enables the best climate category B3/C3


Ensinger expands its Management Board

Ensinger General Management

Oliver Frey becomes Managing Director alongside Klaus Ensinger and Roland Reber

Plastics processor Ensinger (Nufringen, Germany) has strengthened its management team. Dr. Oliver Frey was appointed Managing Director of Ensinger ...


In the frame for success

View of the insulation zone of a window corner from aluminium profiles thermally separated with insulbar.
Influential variables in the thermal separation of metal windows, doors and façades


New EPDs for Thermix and insulbar

Handover of insulbar EPD by the ift Rosenheim
There is now an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the insulated glass spacers Thermix TX Pro and Thermix Low Psi. In addition, the EPD for insulbar insulating profiles for thermal separation in windows, doors and façades made from metal has been updated.


More profile than anybody else:

Five soccer players with back lettering insulbar RE, insulbar REG, insulbar LI, insulbar LO and insulbar LEF

Ensinger rounds off its range of insulating bars

Thanks to the new insulbar LI made from foamed polyamide, Ensinger is currently offering the largest range of products for thermal separation


Ensinger presents shear-free insulating profiles for metal door

Illustration of insulbar shear-free insulating profile
Usually it’s the weather’s fault when a metal door sticks. If the sun shines, its outer side expands. If it’s cold outside, however, the door bulges inwards. A shear-free insulbar insulating profile from Ensinger (patent pending) minimises this deformation.


New Head of Sales for insulbar

Insulbar Head of Sales Manager Matthias Rink
Matthias Rink is the new Head of Sales for insulbar insulating profiles from Ensinger. Based at the headquarters of the plastics specialist in Nufringen, the ...


Ensinger to expand its Cham site

North-east elevation of the planned extension to production and logistics facilities at the Cham site

Extension of production and logistics areas in German branch factory

Ensinger is about to make a further investment at its Cham site. The plastics processor is planning to extend a production and logistics building that was put into operation ten years ago. These new building plans are...


Gold for green: sustainable energy efficiency with insulbar RE

Ensinger's insulating profile made of 100 % recycled polyamide receives the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate in gold

Saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, conserving resources – Ensinger was early to recognize the signs of the...


Batimat: Ensinger showcases proven solutions for window insulation

Ensinger has been improving the energy efficiency of windows, doors and façades with insulbar and Thermix for 40 years

From November 6 to 10, the Batimat will be attracting around 275,000 trade visitors to Paris. Here, Ensinger will...


insulbar: 40 years of thermal insulation

Wilfried Ensinger is seen as a pioneer in the field of plastics technology and a trail blazer for thermal insulation in window and façade construction

In 1977, Ensinger delivered the world's first series profile for thermal insulation in the metal...


High-profile insulation – interview with Wilfried Ensinger to mark 40 years of insulbar

Façades, windows and doors in metal are popular due to their extreme stability, weather resistance and durability. However, aluminium and steel are known to have a high thermal conduction capacity. To guarantee high-energy efficiency, good thermal...


“Aluminum systems more energy efficient than wood”

Ensinger celebrates insulbar insulating profiles with a major order from Western Windows Systems for North America

Ensinger equips the Series 7000 from Western Window Systems with insulbar. Using this superior thermal...


insulbar by Ensinger: framing buildings with future

Demand for thermally insulated metal frames continues to rise, says Metal Yapi, one of the world’s leading façade specialists

The increasing urbanization around the globe calls building developers and architects to create more living and...


insulbar receives Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificates

insulbar receives Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificates Ensinger's thermal insulation profiles for metal frameworks of windows, doors and façades not only increase the energy efficiency of buildings. They also meet highest sustainability...


insulbar LO: lambda-optimised insulating profile for metal frames

At BAU 2017 Ensinger is presenting a new, highly insulating profile for windows, doors and façades. With a lambda value of just 0.18 W/m·K, it permits a better Uf value when retaining the same frame installation depth, or a smaller installation depth...


insulbar – minimum lambda value, maximum insulation

BAU 2017 will see Ensinger exhibiting its new, highly insulating profile for metal windows, doors and façades.

At the world's leading trade fair for the building sector, the plastics specialist is presenting the next generation of thermal separation...


Connected on all sides

Ensinger turns 50: the plastics specialist aids energy saving in windows across the world with insulbar and Thermix...


The value of good knurling

Real-life examples: for a shear-resistant metal frame assembly, professionally executed knurling is absolutely essential

Windows and glass façades bring light and quality of life to a building. Aluminium frames, which are lightweight...


German news channel picks Ensinger as "Hidden Champion 2015"

On 19th November the German news channel n-tv picked out, for what is now the 5th time, the hidden champions among Germany's small- and medium-sized companies. With insulbar RE, plastics specialist Ensinger won 1st place in the category of sustainability...


A highly attractive choice: insulbar ESP for an optimised paintwork result

The insulating profile made of electrostatically modified material ensures improved attraction of paint particles during powder coating of the aluminium window assembly.

Perfect painting results for the metal frames used in windows, doors and façades...


EPD for Ensinger's insulbar RE

First thermal insulation profile made of 100% unmixed recycled polyamide improves the eco balance of buildings

Insulbar RE has now been on the market for a number of weeks. What makes it special: The insulation profile, which is used to create a thermal...


insulbar LEF: Low-E film as an alternative to foam

Ensinger optimises thermal separation in windows, doors and façades using highly heat-reflecting film

With a view to improving thermal insulation properties, Ensinger has advanced the design of its proven insulbar insulation profiles with a...