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Insulating profiles for the future
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We not only invented the polyamide insulating bar, we also continue to optimize and adapt it in line with current market needs. To ensure our ability to go on providing optimum solutions, we attach major importance to progress. We invest in research and development, work with high-performance technologies and cooperate with renowned institutes.

Innovative profiles for advanced systems

Ever more stringent energy consumption requirements for buildings pose major challenges in terms of window, door and facade insulation – with growing demands made on the effectiveness of insulating bars. Growing expectations with regard to geometry, ease of processing and sustainability of insulating profiles also drive the continuous further development of products.

State-of-the-art thermal separation 

insulbar insulating profiles set ever new standards in terms of functionality, efficiency and future-proofing. Because we keep a watchful eye on developments in the industry and also regulatory requirements relating to energy saving, and we are proactive in responding to current trends. And what's more: We are instrumental role in shaping these trends, and we already offer solutions which will reliably fulfil future thermal separation requirements for aluminium windows, doors and façades.

Good examples of these are our insulating profiles insulbar RE and insulbar LEF, two pioneering innovations offering major customer benefits.