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Insulating bar transport, storage and handling

To ensure the full functionality and high quality of our insulbar insulating profiles, please observe the following information relating to transport, storage and handling.

insulbar insulating profiles are extruded when dry, but – like all polyamide bars available in the marketplace – can absorb moisture from the air depending on temperature, relative humidity and length of storage. This should be avoided in order to exclude the possibility of problems later on during processing as a result of dimensional deviations or blister formation during stove enamelling.

insulbar insulating bars are individually cut to size, supplied loose by the metre, on request also bundled in containers or wooden crates or, for certain profile cross-sections, delivered in the form of coils. For transport, they should always be protected from the sun and rain under a tarpaulin.
Ideally, the profiles should be stored at temperatures between 15 and 20 °C in dust-free, dry conditions, ideally in a closed area of the warehouse. The profiles should be stored horizontally with suitable length clearance in order to prevent the material from becoming bent or twisted.

In order to avoid tolerance deviations and ensure high-quality processing, all the polyamide bars used in an assembly should be transported, stored and processed under identical conditions. To ensure this, we recommend ordering quantities specific to your requirement and specific production schedule. During all handling and storage, but in particular during processing, the ambient temperature should not drop below 15 °C.