2016-03-07 / News

Ensinger turns 50!

After starting out in a garage in Ehningen, a small town in the south west of Germany, Ensinger has developed over the course of half a century from a small business to an international group of companies. Nowadays, the company is represented with production sites and sales offices in all important industrial regions. Last financial year the 2,300 staff generated a turnover of 391 million euros.
In 1966 Wilfried Ensinger started up his own company in Ehningen near Stuttgart.
An important milestone in the company history was the development of insulbar insulating profiles. In the 1970s, manufacturers of aluminium windows and façades had already spent a considerable time looking for solutions for the thermal insulation of their metal profiles. As early as 1974, therefore, Ensinger started developing an extrusion technique for the processing of glass fibre reinforced polyamide into precision profiles. The approval regulations and standards were developed in parallel – in close collaboration with BASF, Wicona, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and the ift Rosenheim. In December 1977 Ensinger was able to deliver the first insulating bars series-produced worldwide. The insulating profiles, produced first in Nufringen and since 1988 in Cham, remain an important pillar of the company's business today.
Working in a garage, Ensinger developed new extrusion methods on equipment that he had made himself. From the beginning, the engineer worked closely with the raw material manufacturers and users of plastics.
The milestones in the company history tell the story of a family firm which has never been content to rest on its laurels. The continuous further development of products and production processes and the encouragement of employee potential have been essential aspects of its corporate mission since the very early days.