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The simple alternative to foam!

insulbar® LEF – The processing-friendly insulating profile with optimum insulating effect

insulbar® LEF profile with thermal arrows
Where particularly stringent demands are made on the Uf value, in particular in the low-energy and passive house sector, window systems with thermal insulation foams are in widespread use. With insulbar® LEF, an insulating profile from the High Efficiency profile category, Ensinger now offers an insulating bar which permits excellent U values to be achieved in thermally separated metal profiles without the use of insulating foam.

Low-E film instead of foam

The ultra-thin Low-E film 12 ε 3, which is applied at right angles to the thermal conduction direction on the thermal insulating bar flag, minimizes losses due to thermal radiation (ε = 0.03 in accordance with EN 12898 and EN ISO 10456) at windows, doors and facades, and has the same effect as insulating foam. The profile and film are heat resistant up to 200 °C (for up to 20 minutes) and unlike most foams, allow powder coating of the complete assembly as well as standard anodizing.

The insulating bar for simple, rapid production

insulbar® LEF bars are supplied film coated ready for mounting. The laborious process of cutting foam fillers to size and inserting them is completely eliminated. The benefits: Increased productivity, a more reliable work process and no health hazard due to fine dust. insulbar® LEF profiles are suitable for wide-ranging requirements and systems. Because all

geometries with flag are available ready coated with Low-E film 12 ε 3 directly from the factory. In already existing systems in which insulbar® insulating bars with flag are mounted, these can be easily replaced by insulbar® LEF with no added tooling costs.

insulbar® LEF at a glance:

  • High-reflectance Low-E film for optimum Uf values
  • Ready-to-install delivery
  • Economic alternative to insulating foams
  • Simple, reliable, rapid processing
  • Suitable for powder coating when assembled
  • Wide-ranging scope for application


For more information on insulbar® LEF insulating bars, see our Brochure.