insulbar® insulating bars on shiny surface
The right insulating profile
for every application

The insulbar® profile categories 

The different demands made on the insulation effect, the design and functions of metal windows, doors and facades have a direct impact on the type of insulating profiles required.

With insulbar® insulating profiles from the standard range and our individually developed non-standard profiles even the most complex application requirements can be met.

We offer insulating profiles in wide-ranging different dimensions and geometries – optimized for your requirement, clearly arranged in the following insulbar® profile.
  • insulbar® high performance insulating bars with optimized mechanical properties are always used where high levels of rigidity and load capability are required.

    • insulbar® REG – the universal profile: Glass fibre reinforced and capable of withstanding extreme loads, for customary metal frame profiles.
    • insulbar® LGF – the long glass fibre-reinforced insulating profile: High-strength with a high level of rigidity, ideal for façade pressure plates or glass holding profiles.
  • insulbar® High Efficiency insulating bars permit outstanding Uf values and reliably reduce thermal transfer. This makes them the first choice for low-energy and passive houses.

    • insulbar® LEF – insulating profile with applied Low-E film: a simple, efficient alternative to insulating foams.
      Suitable for powder-coating and anodizing in the assembly.
    • insulbar® LI – the insulating profile that combines the advantages of Polyamide 66 GF with the thermal improvements brought about by a foamed profile core. With a lambda value of 0.21 W/m⋅K (in the product optimum), Uf values can be improved cost-effectively.
  • insulbar® high sustainability insulating bars, like all other insulbar® insulating profiles, not only save energy and costs but are also highly environmentally friendly and use minimal resources in manufacture. Ideal where certifications are requested in compliance with green building labels such as LEED or DGNB.

    • insulbar® RE  – the recycled profile: made from 100 % recycled polyamide and with an environmental declaration (EPD). Has outstanding mechanical properties - precisely like conventional insulbar® insulating bars.
  • An insulbar® high resistance profile is the reliable solution for thermally separated, energy saving fire protection systems of the kind required in schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

    •  insulbar® FS – the fire stop profile: continuous fibre-reinforced, non-melting and flame-retardant insulating profiles for fire protection systems.
  • In addition to the four profile categories, we offer additional insulating profiles for special requirements.

    • insulbar® ESP – made of electrostatically optimized material: thanks to improved powder attraction, ideal for powder coating.