2017-10-31 / News

Welcome Back, Uwe!

Uwe Lerner has been a member of the insulbar application engineering team since July. In his role as Project Manager he is a competent and reliable contact person for our customers. He offers them support and advice in all aspects of the technical design and optimisation of our insulating profiles. He is also a member of internal development projects.

Uwe has a wealth of experience to fall back on – this isn’t the first time that he has taken on this task. He worked at Ensinger in the same role for insulbar between 2002 and 2012. He has come back to us following a five-year interlude in the technical service department of another company. He was welcomed back into the Ensinger fold with open arms.

"New" to  insulbar application engineering: Uwe Lerner

The 53 year old engineer especially appreciates the variety that accompanies his role: contact with customers together with traveling, but also those times when he can sit quietly at his desk and concentrate on particular issues. "Our customers develop innovative products in which insulbar insulating bars are an essential component", says Uwe. "I’m pleased that my work contributes towards saving energy on a daily basis with a technical product such as insulbar. I can identify entirely with that and with Ensinger’s values."

The father of two grown-up daughters, he balances his work by spending time outside in nature. The bike fanatic rides his e-Bike to work almost every day – one hour there, one hour back! Away from the heavy traffic in the Stuttgart metropolitan area, he makes his way through a nature reserve. It’s not uncommon for him to see a deer at the crack of dawn or for a wild boar to cross his path.

You can contact Uwe Lerner on +49 7032 819 268 or by e-mail at [obfemailstart]dXdlLmxlcm5lckBlbnNpbmdlcnBsYXN0aWNzLmNvbQ==[obfemailend]