10/09/2019 / News

Rent me: New rental model for stillages

You usually receive our insulbar insulating bars in steel stillages. These stillages are the property of Ensinger. To be able to supply all of our customers, our Logistics department relies on the prompt return of empty stillages. If we do not have sufficient stillages in stock that we can fill with new plastic insulating bars, we cannot guarantee on-schedule deliveries.

What is more: The purchase of a new metal stillage costs several hundred euros. And its manufacture costs far more than this in terms of valuable resources. These are good reasons to keep the cycle going.

A steel stillage filled with insulbar insulating bars leaves the warehouse.A steel stillage with insulbar insulating bars leaves our warehouse. In order to feed empty stillages back into the supply chain, we are reliant on their prompt return.

Hire fee from the seventh month onwards

We want to adhere to agreed delivery times in the future, too. So we trust you will appreciate why, from October 1, 2019 onwards, we will be charging a hire fee of 30 euros per quarter for every stillage remaining on your premises for more than 6 months. Billing then takes place once per quarter, so the first time will be in January 2020.

Return to sender – with the securing tarpaulin please

A high-quality, reusable securing tarpaulin gives the insulbar cargo in the steel stillages additional protection against damage in transit. Please also collect these tarpaulins and then simply return them to Ensinger along with the steel stillages. Therefore please do not cut through the straps of the tarpaulin but remove them by undoing the belt. By returning the stillages you spare yourself the cumbersome job of disposing of unnecessary rubbish and we can use the securing tarpaulins multiple times.

Do you want to arrange a collection date for stillages you are still storing on your premises? Or do you have other logistics-related questions? Here you can find the right contacts whatever your issue:

insulbar insulating profiles loaded in stillages have additional protection against damage by way of a securing tarpaulin.insulbar insulating bars loaded in stillages will, in the future, be additionally protected from potential damage in transit with the aid of a securing tarpaulin.