28/08/2018 / News

Tough market situation regarding Polyamide 66

Since the beginning of the year, the market has been struggling with major supply shortages of Polyamide 66, a raw material required for the manufacture of insulbar insulating profiles. The reason behind this is various ‘force majeure’ circumstances at Solvay and BASF and hence ongoing disruption to the production of base materials needed to produce PA 66. In addition, demand has been particularly high for a while owing to the scarcity of supply and the good economic situation, which makes the difficult sourcing situation even worse.
Illustration of black Polyamide 66 granulesinsulbar insulating profiles from Ensinger are made from Polyamide 66. They feature good mechanical properties, chemical resistance, wear resistance and outstanding machining properties and dimensional stability.

insulbar is also severely affected by this. Thanks to our long-standing contacts and partnerships on the raw materials market, however, we have managed so far to ensure security of supply by working with our suppliers and by means of internal measures.

As far as we can tell, the only European ADN1 facility, located in France, will be shut down for several months from the start of 2019. It can be assumed that this will result in further challenges in the supply chain.

Because of this worldwide shortage, the purchase prices for Polyamide 66 have veritably exploded again since the beginning of this year. It is already foreseeable that this trend will continue well into next year.

Do you have questions or concerns in connection with the current situation? Talk to us. We are happy to answer your questions.

1 ADN = adiponitrile, the base material for production of the PA 66 base polymer