18/07/2018 / News

Summer edition of the 2018 standard range

This time the latest edition of the insulbar standard range has 24 new insulating profiles in store, which also means increased diversity and ever more possibilities in terms of construction. One thing you will find in the catalogue is a new two-foot profile with an installation depth of 43.5 mm for the construction of concealed casements.
Illustration of the insulbar standard range second edition 2018Growing and growing and growing: the insulbar standard range

Specifically for doors, we have immediately included eleven sizes of the new shear-free insulbar insulating bars into the selection. With the aid of these new profiles, the expansion of front doors that results from the bi-temperature effect can be reduced.

Once again we have added further geometries to the most common system families in sizes 34 mm and 39 mm. Which means that in the future you will have an even bigger choice.

Incidentally, all the new bars are also already in the insulbar Finder. There you can find all the technical details on the particular items. So it's worth taking a look!