2018-02-15 / News

Nine new insulating bars in the standard range

Even more options for your system design: we have enhanced the first edition of the insulbar standard range for 2018 with nine new insulating bars. This includes an additional system group with 28 mm insulation depth. This comprises a hollow chamber profile for the central gasket’s limit stop and an offset profile with a groove to accommodate the gasket. Both bars have flags which means you can also order them with the enhanced insulating Low-E film.
 Standard insulbar range flip book

Analogous to the 34 mm hollow chamber bar item no. 3282, we have included an insulating profile with 24 mm depth. This enables a system series to be created, that is, profile systems that are structurally identical but have different installation depths. We have increased the selection of facade spacers. New to the range: 17.5 mm and 32 mm.

All new insulating profiles are marked “New” to make them easier to identify. If you require additional information for an insulbar insulating bar, simply click on the item number in the flipbook. This provides you with all technical details about the relevant profile. Or use the insulbar Finder and enter the item code for the thermal insulating bar you require.

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