8/8/2019 / News

New to the standard programme

The second 2019 edition of the insulbar standard programme has arrived. This time we have also – among other things – included these insulating bars:

  • Article 4102, in combination with bar no. 2423, forms a new system group with 16 mm insulation depth.
  • The bar number 4101 enhances the diverse possibilities for seal incorporation in the group of 24 mm profiles.

There are also new developments when it comes to shear-free insulating profiles for minimising the bi-temperature effect in doors. Many of the geometries are already available in series-produced quantities. The shear-free profiles marked with a star are available on request.

Standard programme, second 2019 editionInsulating bars from the standard range: quickly available and cost-effective.

You can also find all the new insulating bars as of now in the insulbar Finder. Using this online tool you can access all standard profiles along with all the technical information and drawings. Why not give it a try? With our standard geometries nearly all common tasks can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.